Make better decisions based on data with Artificial Intelligence

Let our AI-based conversation assistant improve your campaign design to boost your sales conversion.

Let our AI-Sales Assistant maximize the impact on call analysis by unlocking its full potential. Transition effortlessly from subjective to objective insights through automation and enhance accuracy based on data
AI-Sales Assistant Insights Description

Key features

01 Analyze & Asses

Analyze client tones and emotions like anger, surprise, conviction, doubt, or excitement. Assess their receptiveness and adapt your approach accordingly.

02 Compare and Validate

Automate the call report. Extract answers to specific questions and structure all the collected data for your CRM.

03 Performance Evaluation

Evaluate your performance by checking script adherence. Note individuals’ attitudes toward the process for insights to refine and optimize it.


Make Decisions Faster


Better Adherence


Increase In sales

Top advantages

Make better decisions based on data with Artificial Intelligence

Campaign Design

With our Pixel-AI Engine running you will get real time advise on campaign design.

Targeting Customers

AI will help you to evaluate and decide what topics to use with each potential customer.

Channel Selection

Let AI help your plan to select the channel, time and sales rep.

Business As Usual

Design campaigns based on experience and previous data.

Real Time

AI receptiveness and tone analysis.

AI Advices

On conversation topics, schedules, targets, sales reps.

On cloud

Intelligent cloud-based dashboard with BI.


Ensure your operations are compliant with local regulations.

Implement our solution in 4 easy steps


use your call center to reach your clients.


real time AI receptiveness and tone analysis. Extract key insights and evaluate the sales rep performance.


AI advices on conversation topics, targets, sales reps to enhance the outcome of the campaigns.


as the AI engine learns from the patterns on  your calls.

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