Material characterization through Artificial Intelligence

Let the Pixel-AI Visual Engine manage your waste analysis in real time, ensuring compliance, saving you costs  and simplifying sorting processes.

Our visual Pixel-AI Visual Engine is able to provide a cost effective platform that analyzes and provides in-depth knowledge of your waste material characterization to improve the treatment of your waste
AI-Waste Engine Insights Description

Key features

01 Materials knowledge and insights

Get to know insights on your materials being used for input and output on selection & recycling processes.

02 Waste Analysis

Identify the valuable items on waste: its material, weight, volume and moisture.

03 Maintain established operational processes

Work without direct contact with the material keeping established operational processes.

04 Accurate

Improving selection accuracy rate, characterization of input and output of selection and recycling plants and enhancing the future of recycled materials.

process infographic

AI-Waste Engine Infographic

Time Reduction


In Savings



Top advantages

Material characterization through Artificial Intelligence

AI Powered

It gets better the more you use it and ensures you are compliant.

Real time

Confidence in compliance with real time results.


Ultimate accuracy for better decision making (>95%).

On Cloud

Intelligent cloud-based dashboard with BI.

Indirect Inspection

Contactless and non invasive measurement.

Industry Oriented

In-line fast detection for industrial processes.

Completely Customizable

Train and visualize specific materials & insights.

Plug & Play System

Plug & play system. Integrate seamlessly with current systems.

Implement our solution in 4 easy steps


the materials and layers you need to analyse.


the system in your facilities to get everything ready.


the AI engine to ensure the highest accuracy with facility-specific sampling and training.


your knowledge of your waste flows with an interactive dashboard

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